Ottawa BMX – 09/13/2008 – Single Pts Race

This post is a little late in getting done. This race was the first Saturday race since we switched from Tuesday evening races, with school starting and the sun going down sooner, to keep the season going we need to make the switch. Here is the recap.

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – In the first race of Bri’s Total Points Moto, she had a hard crash in the first corner. Her right arm was very sore after the crash, but she continued to race the final two motos. In the final two motos, she raced very hard and was able to challenge for first but took 2nd place both times. Overall for the day she took home 2nd place.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand – Its seems another team member was sore this weekend, as Brendon had a sore knee from playing tackle football during recess at school. However, he still was out racing. He was in a Transfer Sytems moto and did not qualify to the main event. He placed 4th overall.

Bailey “Dash” Bertrand
20″ – With a couple of missing riders this weekend, Bailey was in with some younger riders to form a Total points Moto. Bailey was able to win all three of the races with a few bike length lead. He took home 1st place on the day. Cruiser – This was a big class with a couple new riders out at the races, Bailey qualified into the Main event where he placed 3rd.

Reg “Hound Dog” Bertrand
– Reg had just had his 4 wisdom teeth pulled the day before, but decided he was able to race. A few of the volunteers that help him out at the track thought he should not race, but he gave it a whirl but was cautious on the track. Overall he made the Main and placed 2nd place.


Pictures from Redline Cup East Finals – Kettering Ohio

Here are some pictures I took. More will come.

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Redline Cup Finals Weekend 2008 – Sept 5-7 – Kettering, Ohio

This was the first year that Soul BMX Racing has taken part in this ABA Race Series, known as the Redline Cup. There are three regions: East, Central, & West. Three of the teams members participated in the qualifier and made it to the finals this year. We packed up the bikes, and headed down to Kettering, Ohio where this years East Finals were being held last Thursday morning, Sept 4th. The drive took about 13 hours with the stops added in.

Friday – Sept 5 – Redline Cup Final Pre-Race – Double Points

We woke up in Kettering on Friday to overcast skies and rain. No break in the clouds in site. So we headed over to the track and registered for the three races taking place over the weekend. When the registration booth was open it was still raining. The track was covered, but the rain did not let up. We waited until the official word came at 4 pm, the race was cancelled.

Saturday – Sept 6 – US Open Race – Triple Points

After the disappointment of the race being cancelled on Friday, the team woke up and was excited to see that it was nice weather. No rain. So we headed over to the track, it was uncovered and was getting the final touches done on it. The team was nervous, as this was a huge turnout. 65+ motos on the day. For Bri this was definitely the biggest event she had been in. She was very nervous, more so then Brendon and Bailey. When the racing begin, the team was in some tough comptetition. Most of these riders have longer race seasons, race indoors and outdoors for 8-12 months a year. Most of them also take part in the larger National Series races. The team did an excellant job in their motos.

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – You could see the nerousness in the riding. She had a good hard determination to get into the main. She battled and never gave up to the line, her hard work each week in Ottawa was paying off. However, on this day she wasn’t able to overtake the rider in front of her and make the main.

Bailey “Dash” Bertrand – Bailey had a great set of races. In the 2nd race, heading into the first corner, a rider went down and took Bailey out as he was overtaking him. His head hit hard on the track and he was woozy getting up. He found his bike, jumped on it, and raced to the end and into the Main. In the Main event, Baliey raced hard and traded positions with a couple of riders in and out of the first and second corners. He took 4th place.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand – Brendon was in some great races. He battled hard and was right in the mix to get into the main. He was about a half a bike length to a full bike length out of the qualifications to get into the mains. However, he had some really fast races and competed extremely hard in each race.

Sunday – Sept 7 – Redline Cup Finals – Quadruple Points

This was a huge race, 85+ motos. Down from 2007 from what I heard, but still a huge turnout. The nerves were a little better for the riders today on Soul BMX Racing. It was a very early morning start 8:00AM. There was rain in the first round of races that made the track very slick and made for some huge crashes and many many riders going down all over the track. Bailey also decided he was added in his Cruiser to the mix and race both bikes. Gutsy move, he said he had enough time to recover for both races.

Bailey “Dash” Bertrand – 20″ Bailey had again a very good day, he raced very hard and in each race over took riders on the track. He beat out some other riders to get into the main. In the Main Event he was right in the mix with a few other riders for positions 2-5….after coming around the final corner he crossed the line in 5th place. Very exciting racing. – Cruiser – He had some big competition in the Cruiser class. He competed hard and was not to far off the pace. Unfortunately he was not able to qualify into the main event.

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – Bri had a huge day. After fighting bigtime nerves on Saturday, she showed up and had a big time race in the 2 race to qualify into the main event. She took a low line in the first corner and took 2nd place in the race. She race very fast all day. In the Main Event half way through the race, she was in the mix for 2nd place with a pack of riders. At the line she crossed in 5th place, and was not to far off from gaining a position or two. Great racing.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand – Even with the results, I don’t think I have seen Brendon race harder and faster then on this day. He was gunning for some positions. In the first race, he was right with the pack of riders and passed a couple who then went down in the corner and then he crossed the line in 3rd place, just missing a transfer into the main. In the next race, there were some positions changes, and he battled for positions right to the line and was about half a bike length out to qualify into the main. Very exciting racing

Overall it was a good weekend. It was good to compete against some higher caliber riders, which will only make the team better racers. We witnessed that this weekend on Sunday the competition pushed them to with out a doubt their fastest racing all year. Very proud of each team member!!!

Ottawa BMX – Sept 2nd 2008 – Single Pts Race

Back to School, and the last Tuesday night race…we are switching to racing on Saturday mornings going forward.

Here is the recap:

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – What a set of races in the Total Points Girl race.  In the first race, the lead changed into 4th and final corner, and Brianna took second place.  That race set it up for the next two races.  In the second race, there were two lead changes, and Bri was trailing into the final straight, she drove the line and took 1st place by a tire width.  In the next race, again a very close race, and Bri was able to take 1st place again.  Bri was able to take home the 1st place trophy for the first time this year.  Hard work paid off tonight.

Bailey “Flash” Bertrand – Cruiser Class – Bailey was in a 10 year old Crusier class for the 2nd time this season.  He transfered to the Main in the first race with a big lead over the line.  In the final, Bailey again had a large lead and took home the 1st place trophy.  20 ” Class – Bailey had a good challenge tonight.  In the first race, he got a lead into the 3rd corner, but a good move low by another rider, dropped him into 2nd place.  Heading into corner 4th, he was able to close the gap and in the final straight passed the lead rider and took the race by half a bike length. In the 2nd race, again a close race and he took 1st place.  In final race of the Total Pts moto Bailey took 2nd place, but with 2 1st’s and 1 2nd he took home the 1st place trophy.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand – Brendon in the first race of the Total Pts moto was able to place 2nd place.  In the 2nd race, Brendon went out of the gate very slow and eased into the first half of the race….he finished strong but was playing safe.  In the third race, he took 3rd again, and on the night he took 3rd place.  After the races Brendon mentioned that his back was sore.  He played it safe tonight with the upcoming weekend in Ohio for the Redline Cup East Finals.

Reg “Hound Dog” Bertrand – Well little drama in these races, in the first race, in the third corner, the trailing rider went down trying to take a low corner.  This allowed Reg to take 2nd place.  In the next two races of the Total Points moto, he took 3rd place, close races, but no extra energy to overtake the 2nd place rider.

Ottawa BMX – Aug 26, 2008 – Single Pts Race

The last night of racing before the school year starts.  With the sun going down earlier on us, we have switched to a two-moto transfer system to get the races in before dark.  Also, we have not been able to run the “Open” races as well, as time does not permit.

Here is the night’s recap:

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – In the Total Points moto, Brianna continues to race very hard and competes in a very competitive race with the 2007 District #1 Girl racer.  These two are really pushing each other each race.  Brianna gets a very good first half of the track and holds the lead to the fourth corner.  However, she gets passed and just comes up short and takes 2nd place in each race.  On the night, Brianna takes home 2nd place.

Reg “Hound Dog” Bertrand – Reg had some good competition on the night.  In the first race, Reg lost his footing on the pedals and wasn’t able to regain a good grip and took 3rd place. That meant in the total points race, he was going to have to take 2nd place to avoid getting third place on the night.  That is just what he was able to do, in the 2nd race, Reg was able to just hold onto 2nd, and in the third race he had a good 1-2 bike lead over the line for 2nd.  On the night, he was able to take 2nd place.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand & Bailey “Dash” Bertrand – Both racers were not at the races tonight, as they were at Junior Camp for our church.

Ottawa BMX – Sunday, Aug 24, 2008 – Single Pts Race

This race was the day after the Provincial Qualifier race, and completed the race weekend in Ottawa.  The team arrived early for a Christian small group session talking about “Taking Risks”. The racing on the day was close competition, very close.

Here is the recap:

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – Brianna in the first race of the Total Points moto had a fast start and continues to battle it out with another rider each week.  In the first moto, it was neck and neck the whole way, right down to the finish line, with Brianna driving hard to line taking the race by a tire width.  In the next two motos, Brianna had the lead in the first half of the race, but was passed into the 4th corner taking 2nd place.  Overall, on the day Brianna took 2nd place.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand & Bailey “Dash” Bertrand – This was the 20″ race for Bailey.  It was a Total Pts race, and this was a good one.  All three riders were competing hard for the postioning.  Baily and Brendon were close all day, and Brendon was able to take 1st place and it came down to a fight to the finish line between the brothers in the third race, with Brendon just holding onto the lead to take 1st.

Bailey “Dash” Bertrand & Reg “Hound Dog” Bertrand – Cruiser Class – This was a good set of races as well.  Bailey came third in all three races of the Total Points Moto, but is not to far behind the adults.  Reg was battling it out with Mr. Briggs all day, in the first race, Reg beat him by a tire width at the line.  In the next race, Reg was able to pull off a couple of high low corners and take the lead and come out in 1st.  In the third race, reg came second. With the two first and one second on the night, Reg was able to win the day and take home 1st place.

Saturday, August 23rd – Double Pts – ABA Ontario Provincial Championship Qualifier

This past Saturday was the one Ontario Provincial Qualifier event for 2008.  In order to qualify for the Provincial Championship Points and Awards then this race was one not to miss.  Soul BMX was out in full force with all four riders competing in the days events.  Here is a recap.

Bailey “Dash” Bertrand & Reg “Hound Dog” Bertrand – Cruiser Class – Both we in a big Cruiser class of 6 riders (the most this year at Ottawa BMX for Cruiser).  This made it pretty tight quarters in the 1st and 2nd corners. Bailey skipped the first race to conserve energy for his 20″ race coming up.  It was a hot and humid day.  Reg was able to qualify to the Main event third race.  Bailey ended up just missing out on the Main.  However, props to him as all riders in this race were adults, Bailey was the lone under 30 rider.  In the main going into the 3rd corner, it was bunched up, just ahead of Reg one rider went down into the announcing tower, and Reg missed the pile up and was able to go from 4th into 3rd and take home the 3rd place finish in the 5 man main.

Brianna “Wildflower” Bertrand – Brianna had some very fast starts and was in the lead in all 3 of the Total Points races, and each time relinquished the lead either at the 4th and last corner or just before.  It was some great racing from the girls on the day.  Brianna took home 2nd place for the day, and was very happy at the nice big tall trophy he got for her efforts.

Brendon “Flash” Bertrand – Brendon had some new competition on the day, one new rider from Belleville that recently relocated into Ontario from BC.  Also, an 12-year-old Expert rider out in Ontario on vacation from BC.  This formed a highly competitive race.  The BC riders are very skilled and excellent riders, which is a testament to the quality of racing on the West Coast.  In the 2nd race he took home 2nd place. In the third and final race in the Total Points was neck and neck in 3rd place and was about to overtake the 2nd place rider into the 3rd corner, and unfortunately made contact with the other rider and went down.  This gave him a third place finish in the race, and overall for the moto a 3rd place finish.

Bailey “Dash” Bertrand – 20″ Inch Class – Bailey in the first race of the Transfer system took home 1st and qualified to the Main.  This gave him some extra energy for his Cruiser races, which due to the heat, was a concern of mine that he would over extend himself on this day.  In the Main event he raced to 1st place and took home a nice big trophy.

Overall all the riders are sitting in good positions for final rankings in the Provincial Finals; within striking distance of the top 3 positions.